Here's a little about myself! My name is Shannon Walters. Now have a seat take your boots off I'm fix'n to tell ya I ain't got a big old down south slow talk'n Alabama accent,  But I'd be lie'n!  I have always been around car shows, show cars, bikes and always love to draw cars as a kid. I'm the only child no brothers or sisters.  I'm 40 will turn 41 on end of  2012. I was born and raised in Alexander City, Alabama.  Most of the locals call it Alex City. Russell Athletic and Lake Martin are a big part of Alexander City. Our lake has more than 700 miles of shoreline and very popular Bass fishing and water sports. I guess I could always do boat seats NOT! I graduated from  Benjamin Russell High School. After high school, I attended Central Alabama Community College in my home town for two years on an art scholarship. I'm pretty good with pastels, oil paint, pen and pencil and did well in art class. I later transferred to Southern Union State College in Opelika, Alabama, and received a degree in Upholstery which they no longer offer. I mainly learned how to fit, sew and do furniture at Southern Union. I knew I did not want to do furniture for a living, but I had to start somewhere. My teacher gave me C's because she said she didn't know how to grade me on car seats and car upholstery. I was able to do three cars in the two years I attended upholstery school. Then, with the help of a few trimming tips from M&M, a shop in North Alabama,  I was on my way. I love to work with my hands and I've taught myself by trial and error. I'm picky as they come about my work! Heck, back in high school my car tag said 2 PICKY. With the help of my Mother and Father, I got my business off the ground. I must thank Dad for suggesting that I go into the field of Street Rod Upholstery. THANK YOU! It's doing very well. Today, I stay booked with very nice cars coming threw my shop. I have a great family!  My wife and I have been married for 10 years. We were married on June 2002.  We do not have a children.  My parents have been married for the last 40 plus years and have their own car services center witch they recently sold. As for as the Hot Rod thing! I had a 1938 Chevy Coupe for years, but sold it years ago. In the past I have had a few lowered sport trucks, sport bikes, and cruiser bikes. I now have a 1966 Buick Riviera that's a ton of fun. My father has had a number of old cars.  (Click to see his shop).  Below check out some of my favorite Pics. Last but not least, I can't forget Budnik, Boomer and Billet my three Dachshund shop dogs. They make for good company!!


 A few of My Favored Pics


Budnik  AKA Bub, Bud

Billet  AKA Billet Monster

"Boomer" AKA "Boomer Rock' a Shock 'a"  AKA Super Boom


1966 Buick Riviera